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How Putin was "checkmate" the coup d'Obama state in Turkey

Hannibal Genseric 

La Cause du Peuple 

Wed, July 27 2016 20:02 UTC Carte 

The failed attempt of coup in Turkey, which was implemented by the US military, in concert with NATO, will precipitate an unprecedented change in the Middle East. The coup was doomed from the start because its implementation plan was defective. As a result, the plotters of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad managed to distance Turkey from the Anglo-Zionist Axis (AAS [1]) and were closer to the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and BRICS. Putin had known for some time what was going on, he gathered enough data in his hands to warn the Turks in time, while effectively protecting against weapons of the plotters. 

Vladimir Putin
This unique geopolitical developments will probably switch all the global balance of power away from the ASA and to the SCO. Due to the highly strategic position of Turkey in the Middle East, particularly its size, location, and function as a "gateway to the East", who effectively control the overall control of the regional chessboard. the recent cataclysmic flux and reflux of immigrants have considerably increased this international dynamics. 

The decision of the United States to implement a coup from the Incirlik air base will prove disastrous for their warmongering regimes that want to control ALL the Middle East region and complete their project of "Greater Israel ". Such absolute fiasco of US foreign and the CIA must have been undermined from within the United States by a "Coup against" double agents.

Ultimately, not only the coup was suppressed by the Turkish people themselves, but anglosionistes conspirators provided the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan a great excuse to clean house completely. This is exactly what he does since he returned to power following the aborted coup. Furthermore, using the Turkish senior officers of the US air base at Incirlik was stupid, because it meant to everyone, that the coup is labeled "CIA & Company." 

For the uninitiated, it is important to understand how Turkey is vital to NATO, and especially to the progress of the project of Greater Israel. The ramifications far and near, and the profound impact of this attempt failed coup reveal their consequences for the West when all the dust settles. And it's HUGE! 

Why the Coup? 

For the Western powers, the fatal blow was an initiative of the genre: ADVANCE or swim. 

They knew they would be unable to carry out their agenda NWO towards a World Government as Erdoğan was in power. They barely tolerated it settles as president, and are well aware of his ambitions to restore a Turkish caliphate across Central Asian Turkic and even on part of the Arab Middle East. Therefore, their very hasty attempt coup was an effort to "ALL or NOTHING", which has now condemned their total recovery plans in the Middle East. 

Putin himself knew how this scheme was desperate, and that is quite deliberate that it is placed on the side of Erdoğan, knowing that the US betrayal would bring Turkey to Russia, SCO and BRICS. The Kremlin also knew that Turkey has no future with the European Union, like its relationship with NATO is now compromised. Russia would greatly benefit from all the geopolitical fallout and has actively supported Turkey through the post-coup cleaning. 

Many countries were expecting the coup. Only Russia has acted effectively 

Kicking Turkish state was originally planned for the month August 2016 because it was "planned" at that date, the Greek government would enter into crisis and should, also, fall. In this way, the Balkans would have entered a critical phase of instability, resulting in the installation of puppet governments subservient to the United States and the consolidation of a new iron curtain between Europe Trust US and Russia. 

On the day, and as a fluke, all TV World ASA were connected "live" on Istanbul and Ankara. There was not a single country that does not know that a coup was underway in Turkey (except the Turks themselves who wondered why there there were tanks on the Bosphorus Bridge ). The exact date of the kick was not precisely known, but a valuable indication was given when the journalist Christiane Amanpour moved with his CNN crew in Ankara and Istanbul, just two days before the coup. 

Indeed, the Pentagon has a special relationship with CNN. He usually lets them know when the United States will put in execution a "coup" against a foreign nation, so that CNN can set up their teams and do his reporting "buoyant" and live. This is why Christiane Amanpour of CNN has managed to become a "persona non grata" in several countries; because when she goes to a country is an imminent catastrophe will befall this country. Turkey is no exception. 

Russia, Iran, Syria, and other countries were all aware that a coup in Turkey, led by the US, was in preparation. 

To this end, Moscow sent one of the official advisers of Putin, Aleksandar Dugin, in Ankara. The trip was top secret, no one in Tehran, Damascus or even in Moscow were aware, only a few very close to Putin knew. 

Aleksandar Dugin was the man who was sent to Ankara to warn Turkish leaders, but also to give them a long list of people involved in the coup. 

Blow began a month ago after some of the conspirators were discovered 

Even before the coup, the Turkish government has secretly asked its courts to issue arrest warrants against 2,000 military (navy and air force) after it became clear that something fishy was coming. The courts refused, and in addition, some of the judges involved in the coup have warned top generals that the government suspected a stroke, and he was on their trail. Consequently, despite the fact that they were not quite ready for a coup, had to launch the kick. 

The pilots who shot down the SU24 are involved in the Coup 

For months, Moscow has followed the communications of data and voice of Turkish pilots responsible for the attack against the Russian SU24 jet. Moscow has discovered that the two pilots who shot down the SU24 are CIA agents. By destroying the Russian aircraft on the orders of their American superiors, they wanted to cover their relations, which were pretty good between Ankara and Moscow. The US and UK use the proven tactic of "divide and rule". In the Incirlik air base, there were dozens of Turkish officers who were actually US agents. All were later arrested. 

Initially, the internal team Erdogan was not informed of the arrival of Dugin in Turkey. 

To avoid any kind of suspicion or attract attention, the adviser of Putin, Dugin has made a complicated journey: from Moscow to Astana (Kazakhstan) and Astana to Tehran and Tehran to Damascus, then Damascus and finally in Nicosia Nicosia in Ankara. There he met the closest confidant of Erdogan, the mayor of Ankara, Melih Gokcek. 

According to an old tradition of the KGB, nothing beats meeting face-to-face. Having gathered masses of data in recent months, the Russians knew exactly when, who and how the blow was about to begin. 

In the interest of improved Russian-Turkish relationship and mutual confidence, Erdogan has been officially warned. The warning was also psychological because he came "just in time" and was designed to show Erdogan and Turkey who their real friends. 

Hence the face to face meeting. 

Putin no obligation to do what he did. He could warn the Turks 10 minutes before the coup, or do not warn at all and just let the Americans do as they please. But Putin has acted on two essential criteria (a) Security Russia and (b) global security, that is to say avoiding World war III. 

Turkish fighter aircraft Erdogan had in their sights, but ... 

After complete silence for 24 hours of the onset of stroke, the American media controlled by the Pentagon and the CIA have been there at full speed with the usual propaganda, when it became clear that their coup had failed. We saw them prepare hastily scripts describing how Erdogan would simply staged "his" coup to seize "more power", adding that his presidential plane was in sight Turkish F16. But if nobody fired a shot against him, this shows that it was a fake kick. 

But the reality is different. 

First and foremost, the planes that were sent flying against Erdogan, took off from the Incirlik base, which was totally controlled by the United States and NATO. 

Deuxio at any time, the United States has made ​​any effort to warn the Turkish government about the coup, although they knew that warplanes took off from Incirlik and headed right Erdogan on the plane! 

In fact, the plane Erdogan was followed by several Turkish aircraft with the intention to kill him. But what the "media" would not tell us is that 7 Russian fighter planes and two S400 missile systems in northern Syria have hunted Turkish jets, and warned them: at the slightest gust fire against Erdogan's plane, all Turkish aircraft, anywhere in the Turkish sky, would be slaughtered immediately. This is why the Turkish jets have never shot, they were themselves in the sights of hunters and Russian rockets. At the slightest shot, they would have been slaughtered. 

The mayor of Ankara has not lost one second. It was released on CNN and angrily announced that Washington was behind the coup. And yes, he had received the Russians all the necessary information before his announcement. He was the third high-ranking Turkish official to accuse the United States to lead the coup in a span of 20 minutes. 

Why Erdogan general purge, judges ... 

Although the Turkish government has its own suspects, he also received a large list of Moscow. That's why the US ambassador in Ankara was practically hiding in hiding and when we see him, he knows that stutter. But the most interesting thing is the fact that many Turkish generals have admitted taking part in the shot. They also explained the role the United States played. 

Political statements we heard in Washington have zero credibility, according to their custom. 

There is no explanation how 42 helicopters disappeared Incirlik. Later we will know that they joined an armada which was to invade Turkey . This is one reason why the Turkish government has surrounded the base with 2,500 police cut the power supply to the base together, saying the United States "we know what you are doing", and "we hold your soldiers under our protection." The armada will net stopped by Obama. 

[1] The Anglo-Zionist Axis (AAS) 

The Anglo-Zionist Axis is represented, first and foremost by the major English speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The NATO European countries, like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are under the yoke of ASA. It is the same in all Scandinavian countries, countries of the Pacific Rim: South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines, and the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, the UAE and Qatar are also under the supervision of ASA. 

The World Shadow Government is a top-secret organization in the hands of the Khazar MAFIA is a supranational Zionist organization that controls completely ASA, the EU, NATO, and many other institutional entities that constitute the World matrix control. 

“Comment Poutine a fait « échec et mat » au coup d’état d’Obama en Turquie” 

Source : http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/07/bombshell-expose-the-us-military-used-incilirk-air-base-to-stage-failed-coup-in-turkey/#more-32420

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