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E-Books by Hasan Bulent Aksoy on Turks and Great Asia.

  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,  Alpamysh. Central Asian Identity under Russian Rule   Hartford CT: AACAR, 1989
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Alpamis: Rus Yonetiminde Orta Asya Kimligi, Hartford/Connecticut, Birinci AACAR basımı, 1989. (Turkish translation of Alpamysh. Central Asian Identity under Russian Rule, published in Carrie with the agreement of the Author.) (ISBN: 0-9621379-9-5).
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,   Essays on Central Asia
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,   Turk Tarihi, Toplumlarin Mayasi, Uygarlik.   Izmir: Mazhar Zorlu Holding, 1997
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Ed.,   Central Asian Monuments.    Istanbul: ISIS Press, 1992.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,    Identities: How Governed, Who Pays ?   Lawrence KS: Carrie, 2001.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent,   The Bald Boy Keloğlan and the Most Beautiful Girl in the World.    Aton: Lubbock, TX 2003.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, D.Phil.,  U.S. And Bolshevik Relations With The TBMM Government: The First Contacts, 1919-1921,  Originally published in The Journal of Sophia Asian Studies No. 12 (1994). pps. 211-251, reprinted courtesy of the author.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Lectures on Central Asia, 2005, Lectures prepared for the Course entitledRewriting History: Emerging Identities and Nationalism in Central Asia at the Central European University, Budapest, July 2004; Florence, Carrie/EUI, 2006.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Düşüncelerin Kökenleri, Florence, Carrie/EUI, 2006.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Uzaysal Yonetim Beklerken (Awaiting Space Administration), Florence, Carrie/EUI, 2007.
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Humans on Mars and beyond, H.-B. Paksoy, 2012. (HB Paksoy. All rights reserved. ISBN: 1470187221, ISBN-13: 9781470187224). Published in Carrie with the agreement of the author).
  • Paksoy, Hasan Bulent, Bagimsiz Yasam Istegi, Florence: Carrie/European University Institute, 2012. (Published in Carrie with the agreement of the Author).
  • Togan, Zeki Velidi,   The Origins of the Kazaks and the Ôzbeks, 1994, edited and translated by H.B. Paksoy.
  • Togan, Zeki Velidi : Memoirs. National Existence and Cultural Struggles of Turkistan and Other Muslim Eastern Turks., translated by HB Paksoy, All rights reserved, 2012 (ISBN: 1468005685, ISBN 13: 9781468005684). (Note)

  • http://vlib.iue.it/carrie/texts/carrie_books/

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