28 Eylül 2016 Çarşamba

Great Asia Thought: Asian Age on the Horizon to start soon..

  1. New World. Rising Asia centered by Turkey (Asia Minör) Russia and China.🌅
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    turkey middle east china central asia turkic all; colonial nominations..
  3. Asia and Africa on the rise..
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    Asia Rising...
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    Istanbul is the single migration mega-city connecting two continents Europe-Asia. Asian migrants move to both parts of Istanbul.
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    - Asia: double growth of world total - AfroAsia: main growth area - Worst: Latin America, Eastern Europe, Japan
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    ASIA(India and China) will compete for the wealthy sources of AFRICA on the rise KEY BASINS: Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Europe ?
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    50% of foreign students of top 5 are from Asia.

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