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TURKEY: Discover The Potential - 1

Turkey,  exploring the underlying forces at strategic depths,  started to open the door of new era, in the East as well as West directions, as it once was.
  • A hub of ideas and cultures for 10.000 years,
  • The home of incredible potential for time out of mind,
  • Both western and eastern,
  • Turkey lies at the heart of world’s history,
  • Home to Mesopotamia,
  • The Ottoman Empire,
  • Foreign traders,
  • And Kemal Atatürk
  • Today, we are 70 million people and and over 50% are under 30,
  • Our markets are liberalised and we’re making new friends of strangers.
  • Our products and services are taking  Turkish quality all over the world.

8 Key Values of TURKEY Logo
  • Collaboration
  • Both western and eastern
  • The world
  • Meeting
  • Harmony
  • Innovation
  • Synergy
  • Growth

  • Octagonal star (from the intersection of two rectangles occur. Octogonel … Space, which is the most brilliant planet Venus (the morning star) represents the geometry of excellence)
  • Tulips
  • East and West
  • the center of world history
  • Mesopotamia (fertile crescent)
  • The Ottoman Empire
  • Foreign traders
  • Kemal Ataturk
  • Young people
  • Free markets
  • Foreign investment
  • Our products and services
  • Turkish quality
  • The whole world
  • Discover our Potential
Our History
Turkey has been a hub of ideas and cultures for over 10,000 years. It has been home to Mesopotamia, the Ottoman empire, parts of the the silk road and some even say the wheel was invented here.
Modern Europe is a venture of civilization that has evolved over three thousand years, and present-day Turkey at its geographical heart. Modern Europe was born in the Eastern Mediterranean with roots in Egypt, Syria-Palestine-Asia Minor, Greece and Italy. This civilization has evolved over three thousand years.
Present-day Turkey lies at the geographical heart of the region. It was largely in Turkey that belief in a single God came into being and spread, giving rise to the Judeo-Hellenic synthesis that is central to contemporary civilization. Today, Turkey is home to the most magnificent works of the Hellenistic-Roman era, which are daily reminders of this extraordinary heritage. Indeed, it is a synthesis of the legacies of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Anatolia..
Our land and its people have been the home of incredible potential for time out of mind.
More recently the reforms of Kemal Atatürk brought our country forward into the 20th century and opened our doors to renewed trade.
  • Ability
Our ability to not only deal with rapid change but to master it and make the most of it has its roots in our history. Every day, we make friends out of strangers and help them make the most of Turkey’s potential.
  • Our Potential
We Turks don’t wait for change to happen to us. We create it – every day – in our lives and businesses. We push ourselves and our country forward, like we have done for the past 10,000 years.
We change the way we work and live so that we can change the way our clients and partners work and live for the better.
In the products we manufacture and the services we deliver, we’re not afraid to question status-quo and be the first to do something new and do something better.
We truly are the change we wish to see in the world.
Our products and services are taking Turkish quality all over the world
  • Invite
Inviting you to discover our potential.
“Discover The Potential” is an invitation to our partners and customers. We’ll help them make the most of the opportunities in front of them. By adding expertise, industrial capacity and reliable delivery to their business equation.
Making sure that they can see their business blossom and innovations come to fruition with Turkey. When our customers win, so do we. Our services and products demonstrate the incredible potential Turkey is discovering every day – and how others can do the same with us at their side.
  • Values
  • Our slogan
This is the idea that’s at the heart of everything we do together to represent Turkey inside and outside of our country.
Our values
  • Long-term vision
  • Courage Entrepreneurialism
  • Adaptability
  • Brand idea
We become masters of change as a result of the remarkable history our country has. With adaptability, empathy and a practical attitude, Turkish companies export to over 200 countries worldwide. Warm relations with customers and partners build reliable long-term relationships that hold firm in times of rapid change.
  • Masters of change.
  • Discover the potential
  • Our identity
Our visual identity is a vibrant expression of our brand idea and slogan.
The visual translation of our invitation to the world to discover the rich diversity, our country can offer and the business potential it provides.
Our Colours
  • White
The colours we use to express our brand have been chosen because they represent Turkish heritage and culture.
White as a background gives our communication space to unfold and activate.
  • Turquoise
Turquoise, gold and blue create highlights and guide the eye to the content we wish to convey.
  • Gold Blue

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