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China's One Belt One Road -Transforming the World

Hello dear Reader,

I want to share with you in this issue of my newsletter a section from my book, Eurasian Century: China, Russia and the New Economic Silk Road. The book is being launched in a Chinese translation as I write this. The initiative, which was taken by China’s President Xi Jinping, is so poorly understood in the West, mainly for the fact that it is being colossally ignored by Western governments, above all the United States and EU. Were it to receive the attention it deserves, millions of readers would demand their governments, especially in Europe join what is becoming the most impressive economic infrastructure in history, linking China from the South China Sea to Russia and the countries of Central Asia and the Eurasian Economic Union, then on to Iran and most likely through Turkey. It literally has the potential to lift the world and its struggling economies out of depression if understood. I hope you find it interesting and that you consider purchase of one or another of my books named on my website until this one is published early in 2017.

As always I converted the text to a pfd-file for a better reading experience which you can find in the attachment of this mail. It's 7 pages in A4 format.

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